PwC’s 2016 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

board-replacement-influencePwC´s survey presents the findings excellently boiled down to 10 major topics. When you read  finding 1-5 and think of any team at any hierarchy level of an organisation or a startup team you might conclude: ever same situation. So one conclusion is probably fair. They are only human. All of them.

Then again, in reality, boards are under direct influence of their shareholders and investors respectively, unlike teams at different other levels. Teamwork here becomes essential. It’s about leadership and ability to cooperate with the fellow board members. Board members often times were not selected for their proven track record in teamwork, though. Instead, extraordinary results in the discipline they are hunted for are key criteria. Teamwork therefore is the greatest challenge for these teams. They are composed of individual experts that bring along a load of ego but know the rules.

Conflicts in the team will lead to the elimination of the “Trouble Maker”. So in order to not risk the job people form a team that actually often times – and the PwC study results say to an extend of 35% – should be composed of different people. According to the team members. But they will not say so loud because it is risky for their own job.  This pattern is similar to startups and it requires experienced business angels to truely coach their teams to overcome this build in trap.

Read the survey findings at PwC USA website

WhatsApp und Facebook fordern die Enterprise Kommunikation heraus – Security darf dabei Innovation nicht verhindern und muss das auch keineswegs!

poeblogghezzoWenn Security integraler Bestandteil der Lösungskonzeption ist, dann wird Sie Geschwindigkeit und Innovation nicht bremsen. US-Systeme zeigen dem User wie moderne Kommunikation gehen kann, Datenschutzvorbehalte vorprogrammiert. Grape – als österreichische Lösung erlaubt die Integration von Sicherheit permanent – ohne dass sich der Benutzer Gedanken machen muss.

Im Vorfeld zu seinem Vortrag auf dem 9. Confare CIO & IT-Manager Summit hat Michael Ghezzo von GhezzoNetWorx diese Fragen an Helmut Pöllinger gestellt:

Wie verändern sich die Bedürfnisse der Mitarbeiter auf den Umgang mit Information im Unternehmen?

Die Kommunikation in Unternehmen und zwischen Unternehmen gewinnt drastisch Geschwindigkeit was zu einer rasant steigenden Dialogfrequenz führt. Während sich mittlerweile Menschen jeden Alters genauso gut auf sozialen Plattformen wie beispielsweise Facebook bewegen, greifen jüngere seit Q3 2015 bevorzugt auf Messaging-Plattformen zu um Ihren Aufgaben nachzukommen. Die Antwortgeschwindigkeit von E-Mails ist um den Faktor 10 langsamer und kommt für sie daher nicht in Frage.

Was der Browser für den Computer war, ist der Messenger für das Handy. Yammer (von Microsoft übernommen) und Co werden so von Firmenchat kontinuierlich aus dem Büroalltag verdrängt und schon heute organisieren sich div. Firmen-Abteilungen oft primär über Facebook Messenger und WhatsApp.

Das gesamte Interview nachzulesen auf GhezzoNetWorx

Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued



“Copy and CudaDrive have provided easy-to-use cloud file services and sharing functionality to millions of users the past 4+ years. However, as our business focus has shifted, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Copy and CudaDrive services and allocate those resources elsewhere”. (Barracuda)

Both Services were generating “millions of user” that obviously could not be converted into paying customers in order the service to become a business case. This leaves users and companies across the globe with the comprehension that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Also this is in line with industry giant`s offering-changes like Microsoft´s. The Redmond company reduced its free onedrive storage from 15GB to 5GB by January 31st 2016.

Is this going to be a role model for similar software service provider, that it is necessary to have a solid plan to earn money much faster than before? Maybe not even offer anything for free at all? It surely will have an impact on investors`readiness to spend ever more money on solely building a large user base without profound revenue development at the same time.

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