New study: How secure is your confidential information?

New study by Brainloop on protecting corporate information: companies are talking about it but not necessarily implementing it


Protecting your information has never been more important. With the continued rise of cybercrime and the increase in incidents of data loss, organisations are under more pressure than ever before to ensure that their assets are effectively secured.
Nevertheless, many companies do not take this task particularly seriously.

This was illustrated in a recent study by Brainloop which found only 51 per cent of those surveyed thought that the potential cost of data loss is high. Perhaps this explains another finding – email is still the distribution method of choice for sensitive documents for 34 per cent of the study participants. Brainloop was interested in exploring how over 150 CIOs, CISOs, CSOs and senior executives in the UK see the protection of their sensitive information as well as comparing their thinking to the peers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).

The study revealed that senior management takes little responsibility for the protection of corporate data – only 25 per cent in the UK over 8 per cent in the DACH region. This responsibility is often pushed down into the IT department. While IT professionals can provide advanced software and good security systems, information security depends on people as much as technology. Protecting critical information also involves legal issues, human resources practices as well as operational policies and should be a core responsibility of the board and executive management.
To view the full survey results, download the infographic.

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